Whether you are a child, a teen or an adult you can learn to play your favorite songs on guitar in less time. The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a uniquely structured, easy-to-follow method based on the 80/20 Principle taught by our highly qualified and certified G4 GUITAR teacher Shane Allessio in Brookline MA”

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Shane Allessio teaches guitar and bass in Brookline MA to students in the Boston area. A world-class musician, Shane loves sharing his knowledge and passion for music with students of all ages from as young as 4 years old. Combining his talents with the G4 GUITAR METHOD based on 30+ years of research and development Shane will help you or your child learn guitar in less time.

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Looking for a guitar teacher who uses a structured proven method of learning guitar?  Our 5 week introduction is suitable for beginners to advanced students from ages 4 years to adults. To make an enquiry please fill in the form or phone us on 617-608-3457.

Fill in our form or phone 617-608-3457

Meet The Teacher (Video)

In this short video Shane talks about his own experience learning guitar and bass and why he decided to become a teacher. Shane also answers some common questions from beginner students about learning with G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS so you know what to expect when you begin. Lastly Shane includes some advice for parents of children learning guitar.

Shane Allessio is a certified G4 GUITAR Coach located in Brookline

"What Are People Saying"

"Shane is the best teacher! I highly recommend his lessons - he is fun, laid back, but also pays close attention and knows where you are as a student, making sure you're having fun with it. He is professional, engaged, responsive and a very talented, expert musician himself. Choose G4 with Shane in Brookline if you want to learn guitar - you will not regret it!" (original source Google reviews)

"G4 Guitar Method is such an efficient way that my 8-year-old son started his learning only 3 months ago and now he has jumped to Junior Level 2 and has learned 4 songs. Using this method, it seems easy to learn Guitar.
And the teacher Shane Allessio is awsome. He's so patient with my son's many whys and manages the class very well. He makes the kid's learning fun and fruitful as well. My son always feels excited to learn with Shane and his fingers often itch for playing Guitar now.
So lucky to learn with Shane using G4 Guitar Method." (original source Google reviews)

"Shane is awesome! My 4 year old son has loved learning guitar with him! " (original source Google reviews)

"I have been taking lessons from Shane for 7 weeks now, and am so excited to be learning guitar. I was definitely a bit intimidated as an adult who has never played before. Shane's style has made me feel confident while learning the basics but also teaching in a way that helped me learn my first song already. I can't recommend him enough." (original source Google reviews)

"I was very please with Shane's style of teaching. Very patient and knowledgable. Was able to deal with a very active 5-year old." (original source Google reviews)

"Most of the guitarists I listen to have had great teachers training and inspiring them. This motivated me to really join a Guitar school and be taught by a professional teacher. I was told by a friend of mine to get in touch with G4 Guitar School and I was all excited to finally join. My happiness sky'rock'eted when I got to know Shane Allessio, a professional Jazz musician, was going to be my guitar teacher. Trust me, it's great to be taught by a professional musician. Shane is very patient, yes this is what I looked for as an absolute beginner! He loves teaching as much as he loves playing music. Shane has taught me new tricks, ways to play guitar, and already in my 5th month now, I am getting very comfortable playing chords, scales, and most importantly songs :). He makes sure you're practising every single day, which shows his strong interest in you learning faster. I strongly recommend this school for anyone at any age. I am totally satisfied with my learning and it gives me such immense joy to strum my guitar everyday. Thanks to Shane and the G4 method." (original source Google reviews)

How Does G4 GUITAR Help You Learn Guitar?

More For Less 

The 80/20 Principle says that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts. As an example it suggests that 80% of songs are written using only 20% of chords and, 80% of songs use only 20% of the notes. This idea we discovered applies to almost every aspect of guitar playing. More importantly it means not all guitar practice is equal. Some practice (exercises) will result in much more progress for far less effort. Imagine if you could practice half as much and actually progress faster than most other people. This is what the G4 GUITAR METHOD is all about.

Sense Of Progress

Do you know why most people give up on guitar in the first 6 months? The guitar is not easy of course but that's not the main reason people quit. The number one reason we have discovered is they lack a 'sense of progress'. Having a sense of progress it turns out is critical for sticking to any long term goal. When we feel like we are stuck and going nowhere we see no point in continuing. At G4 GUITAR we understand this and have created a method based on Checklists that track progress thereby giving you a sense of progress.  

Skills Based Learning 

The secret to our success is a skills based program. In most sports today you'll see this approach applied. When I was a child football training consisted of 20% fitness (jogging around the park) and 80% playing the game (running the ball, tackling, kicking). There was little actual skill work. E.g. how to hold, catch or run with a ball. Today when you talk to professional sports players its almost all skill work. Developing skills is the path to rapid progress and superior technique. This means you'll be playing your favourite songs sooner and more accurately/ 

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The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a structured system of learning guitar based on the 80/20 Principle. Our aim is to take beginner students to an intermediate level in the least amount of time using by focusing on what we call the G4 GUITAR 7 Essential Skills of guitar playing. Focusing on these skills ensures you are getting the highest return on your practice time.

Play Your Favorite Songs In Less Time

The G4 GUITAR METHOD is has been a 30+ year project and involves guitar teachers from around the world. Our aim is to provide a system that makes learning guitar easy that follows a logical progressive path. G4 GUITAR lessons follow a structured system of learning using the G4 7 Essentials Skills of guitar. By focusing on these 7  essential skills you will learn to play your favorite songs in less time with greater precision. Right now you can enroll for 5 Week Introductory Offer (See above). We are located in Brookline.

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3 Reasons Why Our Lessons Are Fun And Easy

  • Easy To Follow Structured Method designed to make learning guitar fun
  • Inspiring Lessons that will ensure you keep progressing
  • Highly Experienced Teachers who know how to make it fun

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  • 5 Weeks of Guitar Lessons with a certified G4 GUITAR Coach
  • The Complete G4 GUITAR METHOD (Over 100 pages)
  • 6 months access to the G4 GUITAR Member's Only Website

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are fully covered by our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If after 5 lessons you don't feel our lessons are right for you just let us know and we will refund your payment in full no questions asked. Our aim is to ensure we deliver on our promise to provide you with guitar lessons that live up to your expectations. We understand we are not right for everyone and the only way to find out is to test us out. We don't believe you should bear that risk which is why we offer you a guarantee. 

Where To Find Us In Brookline?

G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS Brookline is located at 50 Boylston St, Brookline, MA 02445, USA. By clicking on the map directions on the left you'll be able to find the fastest way to get here.

Please feel free to give us a call if you near more details or have questions on 617-608-3457.   

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